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16 Posts per platform in April 2024

MetricApril 1April 30+%
Followers – IG28,73828,750+.04%
Followers – FB202,713202,602-.05%
Interactions – IG (this month vs. last month)1,0221,161+13.6%
Interactions – FB (this month vs. last month)2,8134,009+42.52%
Impressions – IG (this month vs. last month)20,23120,399+.83%
Impressions – FB (this month vs. last month)69,03382,233+19.17%
Big Thirst Sales (this month vs. same month last year)1,6554,792+189%
Website Visitors last Month 21,29819,174-9.97%

Platform: Facebook

Views: 10,011

Interactions: 671

Reach: 9,358

Highlights: “Definitely way way better than the Crown Royal. Bird Dog makes the best Blackberry Whiskey.”

BD Peach and Blackberry is better than Crown in my opinion. It’s higher proof, about $10.00 cheaper and better taste. Which makes it a no brainer. Would love to see Vanilla and Watermelon in the lineup.”

“Best going. I don’t even think there’s an argument.”

Platform: Facebook

Views: 7,156

Interactions: 302

Reach: 7,156


“Mix it with lemonade and you have summer in a cup.”

“And it’s way, way, way, better than Crowns blackberry.”

Platform: Instagram

Views: 1,539

Interactions: 136

Reach: 1,316

Platform: Facebook

Views: 7,515

Interactions: 391

Reach: 7,348


“Peach is my favorite, blackberry is a close second!”

“My favorite group to hang out with.”

“Love both! Strawberry is close behind, nothing on earth beats a bird dog strawberry with Dr Pepper strawberries & cream”

Platform: Facebook

Views: 7,515

Interactions: 391

Reach: 7,348


“I love the peanut butter but my all time fave is the first one I ever tried.. blackberry!”

“BD Chocolate with Coke Zero and chocolate mint leaves”

“Past Strawberry , Present Strawberry, Future Watermlon?”

Platform: Instagram

Views: 2,439

Interactions: 170

Reach: 2,344

Highlights: “Now this is adorable 😍”

“Happy National Purebred Dog Day! Thought you should know…..”


Platform: Facebook

Views: 6,015

Interactions: 289

Reach: 10,520

Highlights: “I purchased the Peanut Butter, Blackberry, and Black Cherry. Really loving this brand! It’s my favorite by far!!!”

“Enjoying Bird Dog Whiskey Blackberry with Publix Blackberry Lemonade as we speak.”

“Blackberry is my favorite…”

Platform: Instagram

Media Type: Reel

Views: 5,297

Interactions: 205

Reach: 3,264

Highlights: “😍😍😍”


Platform: Facebook

Views : 7,163

Interactions: 260

Reach: 6,913

Highlights: “Holy moly, that sounds unbelievably good”

“Can’t wait to try this flavor!!!”

“This flavor goes great with hot chocolate”

Platform: Facebook

Views: 2,400

Interactions: 85

Reach: 2,252

Highlights: “All of their flavors are great, but I Love their peanut butter”

“Next to Y’alls BlackBerry it’s one of my favorites .”

“I just found m new drink. Bird Dog Whiskey is way better than that other peach. Definitely switching brands.”

Platform: Instagram

Views: 6,877

Interactions: 309

Reach: 6,024


Platform: Instagram – Reel

Views: 7,380

Interactions: 604

Reach: 5,741

Highlights: “The OG”

“Perfect Pour”

Platform: Instagram

Views: 4,675

Interactions: 263

Reach: 3,996

Highlights: “I’m shocked Gingerbread didn’t earn at least a silver but I myself give it 🥇GOLD🥇”

“That’s a lot of hardware! Ought to do a ‘gold medal’ release with limited glassware or something. Would be rad!”

“Well deserved! It’s the only whiskey we drink in our bird dog house”

Platform: Instagram

Views: 2,400

Interactions: 85

Reach: 2,252

Platform: Facebook

Views: 6,309

Interactions: 366

Reach: 5,869

Highlights: “The best of all!!!”

“Blackberry is the OG of their whiskies!”

“My favorite ! I keep it in the freezer and do shots while I’m drinking beer on the weekends”

Platform: Facebook

Views: 13,188

Interactions: 722

Reach: 13,141

Highlights: “It’s my all time favorite now beating out the chocolate”

“It’s your best yet!”

“Pour some of this into a chocolate beer of some sort and you really have something. I poured it into a Hershey’s chocolate porter by yingling and it was phenomenal”

Platform: Facebook

Views: 9,435

Interactions: 458

Reach: 9,348

Highlights: “My Favorite!!!!”