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Who's ready for the weekend?!

Tag your best friend and send them a shot of Bird Dog!

Shotglasses available on our website!

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#MYBirdDog 🐾

Starting weekly, we will begin sharing images that showcase the heart of our company, which revolves around our beloved furry companions.

Share your pictures of your dog with our drinks using the hashtag #MYBirdDog and tag us for a chance to be highlighted alongside our brand in upcoming features! More fun stuff on the way πŸ‘€
Friday night is here! Time to fill those glasses and get ready for your best friends to come over..

Thanks for the photo @brittainey93!

#peanutbutterwhiskey #mybirddog
#MYBirdDog 🐾🐾🐾

That week between Christmas and New Years feeling 🀩 Meet Bea & Ivy, who are taking in the holidays with this awesome Bird Dog display. Peep the new flavors at the bottom πŸ‘€

Send us your dog photos with our whiskey using #MYBirdDog, we love to re-share them! 

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#MYBirdDog 🐾

Howdy, Winston πŸ‘‹ Here he is watching over his parents favorite, Peanut Butter Bird Dog πŸ₯œ 

What's your favorite for a family kickback? 

Share your pics with us using the hastag #MYBirdDog, we love seeing them and re-sharing the love 🐢

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#MYBirdDog 🐾🐾🐾

Posted up with Peanut Butter 😎 This GSP loves to take in the Bird Dog lifestyle with their favorite flavored whiskey. What's yours?

Send us all your furry friends using the hashtag #MYBirdDog to be featured next ‼️

#MYBirdDog #gsp #gspofinstagram #peanutbutterwhiskey #peanutbutterwhiskeyshot
#MYBirdDog 🐾

This week, we meet Rye, who is @wstokes.615 favorite friend to drink Peach Bird Dog with.

Show off your furry friend enjoying our drinks by posting pictures and tagging us with the hashtag #MYBirdDog. You might just find your pet and our brand featured together in our upcoming posts!

What's your favorite Fall flavor to sip with your faithful sidekick?

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πŸŽƒ We're a sucker for regular fall activities, but fall activities with Bird Dog Whiskey? We couldn't think of a better combo! πŸ₯ƒ

πŸ“Έ @corty.i

Hikes with your best friend don't get any better than this!

Thanks for the photo @lifewithshorthairs!

#birddogflavoredwhiskey #mybirddog
#MYBirdDog 🐾🐾🐾 

Today we meet Mocha & Sandy, who are some beautiful Bird Dogs who love our Apple flavor to celebrate Cleveland sports wins with their family πŸ†

Send us pictures with your furry family using the #MYBirdDog hashtag, we love to build the Bird Dog Community 🐢
#MYBirdDog 🐾🐾🐾

The holidays may be over but we're still in the spirits πŸ₯ƒ Meet @kirbyminigoldendoodle , who is ringing in the new year with his Dad and some Kentucky Straight 😀

Check out some of our favorite straight recipes at the link in our bio! 

As always, send us photos of your dog and some Bird Dog and tag us using #MYBirdDog. Happy New Year! 🎊

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#MYBirdDog 🐾🐾🐾

This week we have a festive fall introduction to the @burtonbeaglebros . They are both rescue beagles from PA, and they are getting into the autumn spirit with their family and some Pumpkin Spice Bird Dog πŸŽƒ

Share your dog photos with us using #MYBirdDog ! We would love to feature you in upcoming posts. Cheers! πŸ₯ƒ
Salted Caramel + Peanut Butter + Kentucky Straight Bourbon: the perfect trio.

Find a bottle near you via the link in our bio.

Who can say no to that face (And to some Bird Dog Blackberry Whiskey)? Tag us in your photos to get your Bird Dog moment (and your puppers) shared on our page! 
πŸ“Έ: @davalosgsps
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Olek, an explosive canine detection dog, just happens to be is a VERY close lookalike to our Apple Flavored Whiskey dog! 🍎 🐾 Want your furball best friend featured on our page? Share a pic of them and use the hashtag #dogsofbirddogwhiskey to be featured!

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