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What to Mix With Whiskey


This may come as a surprise, but we love whiskey. And for many reasons: it’s distinctive, complex yet simple, rich, and versatile. Emphasis on that last one; because whiskey can be enjoyed in many ways. We’ve experimented heavily with mixology to better understand perfect marriages of flavor. Not only is it incredibly enjoyable to explore options when you’re mixing with Bird Dog Whiskey, it’s informative for us and our customers.

So, what can you mix with Bird Dog Whiskey? Simply put: anything your taste buds desire, really. But of course, it’s more complex than that. Whether you’re looking for the ideal cocktail recipe or the perfect meal to pair with your Bird Dog Flavored Whiskey, we’ve done the delicious research to help you out.


With 14 award-winning flavors, cocktail variety is endless. While each flavor tastes great poured neat or over ice, small additions can go a long way. Here are a few of our favorite ways to drink Bird Dog Whiskey:

  • Depending on the flavor, simply garnish your drink with fruit or herbs for the perfect complement. For example, fresh blackberries with Bird Dog Blackberry Whiskey or luxardo maraschino cherries with Bird Dog Black Cherry Whiskey. And if you’re feeling something sweet, use an orange wedge to rim the glass for chocolate shavings and Bird Dog Chocolate Whiskey.
  • Try our twist on a classic cocktail, like our Orchard Old Fashioned. Start with 2oz. Bird Dog Apple Whiskey; add five dashes of bitters and an orange wedge. Or consider our Black Cherry Kentucky Mule — add 2oz. Bird Dog Black Cherry whiskey to 5oz. ginger beer and garnish with a lime or maraschino cherry.
  • Ever mix whiskey with whiskey? Some of our flavors play well with others. Try our Blackberry PB&J: 1.5oz. Bird Dog Peanut Butter and 1oz. Bird Dog Blackberry. See how to make this cocktail on YouTube here!
  • For more ideas, visit our mixology page.


Cocktails aren’t the only way to have a flavorful experience when it comes to drinking whiskey. Pairing whiskey with food is another option. If done well, it can be a powerful combination. Think rich, savory, smokey, or even sweet foods. Feast your eyes on this three-course meal:

Bird Dog Jalapeño Honey Whiskey and Charcuterie

Like good whiskey, cheese and cured meats are aged to perfection. The spicy jalapeño flavor in Bird Dog Jalapeño Honey brings out smokey/peppery notes in the meat, while the sweet honey flavor pairs well with soft cheeses like brie and goat cheese.

Bird Dog Peanut Butter Whiskey and a Bacon Burger

Yes, peanut butter and a burger. It’s a combination that shouldn’t work, but does. Because actually, the rich, salty flavor of PB compliments crispy, savory bacon and smokey, grilled ground beef.

Bird Dog Praline Whiskey and Pecan Pie

Finish your flavor journey with this sweet combo — essentially a deconstructed pecan praline. To our fellow Southerners, we don’t need to explain why this works, but for those who haven’t tried pecan pralines, give this a go. The sweet, nutty flavors of each provide a satisfying end to any meal.

Like we said, opportunities with Bird Dog Flavored Whiskey are endless (we don’t even have to do the math). And as always, we love to see Bird Dog done your way — tag @birddogwhiskey in your photos on social media to share the love.

If you need more cocktail/food pairing inspiration, don’t hesitate to contact us.